Mr. Samuel

Mr Samuels love for pigeons started when he was young, still in [primary] school. The first pigeon that Samuel bought was a fantail. This most unusual breed of pigeon has been in existence for hundreds of years.

Over The Years...

The form has been changed and the tail has become larger. These pigeons are kept as an ornamental feature (garden fantail) or for exhibiting; they become very tame and breed quite readily. However, one day during lunch break in school, Samuel saw a group of pigeons flying in the sky at high speed. He was startled by the speed at which those pigeons flew.

He wondered what kind of pigeons they were, since those ones he kept at home were lazy. From that day, his interest in pigeons grew more. He went on to research about that kind of pigeons.

In His Location...

There was a man called Mr. Simon who knew much about pigeons. One day, led by his curiosity, he went to Mr. Simon to ask him about the pigeons that he would see passing at high speed during lunch time at school. Mr. Simon told him that those pigeons were unlike the domestic pigeons he kept at home - those we see flying around our home roof tops, on the grounds and trees etc.

Mr. Simon told Samuel that these pigeons were special; they are called homing pigeons and are used for racing. From that day, he started saving his pocket money. He even sacrificed his lunch and transport money and chose to rather abandon traveling by bus and instead walked home to ensure that his long embraced wish of owning pigeons became a reality.