Breeders Collection of Porsche 911

Name : Porsche 911

BE14 - 2230911
5.National Ace KBDB Great Middle Distance Yearling 2015
Gr.grandson "New Freddy", 1.Nat.Ace KBDB GMD 2010 $ Superbreeder.
Full brother to "Boxster", 8.National Ace KBDB Long Distance Yearling 205.

Father : "Wacko Freddy"
Mother : "Lieve"

South African Boxster
PIPA Elite Center
4. Final SAMDPR 2019
“South African Boxster” won
equal first South African
Million Dollar Pigeon Race
2018-2019 in the first drop and
went in 4th. She flew 8 hours
17 minutes over 521 KM with a
speed of 1046,7 m/m. The race was flown with head wind!

SAMDPR results : Finals

With a grand average of 573 and 1140 in the final SAMDPR. NEW FREDDY 670 PEC & Bart Geerinckx --FATHER TO:--- *16/260: 1. Reg Pont-St-Max 949p 2. Reg Toury 1521p 8. Reg Toury 1176p 21. Reg Pont-St-Max 1096p 35. NatZ Bourges 2381p 50. Nat Argenton 11838p 59. Iprov Vierzon 9260p *OTHERS: 47. Nat Bourges 19889p 60. Iprov Vierzon 5462p 84. Nat Limoges 14937p --GRANDFATHER TO:--- 9.Nat Ace YL Allround KBDB 2018 --SON TO:--- *NEW FREDDY: 1. Nat Ace KBDB GMD 2010 OFFSPRING NF WON


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