Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race Certificate


Greetings everyone,
  Pigeon sport is a very great and competitive sport and I think It keeps the old people very young because of the competitiveness. We have been trying to raise a family of pigeons that can do well on club level and in One Loft Races.    Many fanciers think Samuel Lofts has well established teams and family of birds. It’s not yet established as many of our birds are still new. We have acquired good quality birds because I believe in quality.  When I started to be serious about the sport and being competitive I went to Netherlands and Belgium because that’s my belief - If you want something, go to its original source. I don’t like taking alternative routes.    I also went there to understand the sport further because, it began there. I am an African but had to go to Belgium and Netherlands. I also met good fanciers. Good fanciers in which even their birds are making a mark in my lofts. I went to Peiter Van Der Merwe and with his birds, I achieved first places in local club races.    I also went to PIPA, and they played a very big role because they don’t just sell pigeons or sell pedigrees. They really make sure that they outsource the only top and best lofts. Their birds have made a mark in my lofts and are still making a mark. Most of my birds weren’t bought as a family. I had to buy them in singles and everybody knows my highest achievement of Golden Prince and most people didn’t know that Golden Prince remained in Belgium and did not come to South Africa. We bred and sold his youngsters and I only brought his youngsters to South Africa sometime last year.    I am still trying to build my family of birds and I can see the results already. In the one loft races, my birds are coming together. We now have a clear direction of which bloodlines work best.  As we can see how we’ve done at the Victoria Falls World Pigeon Race Challenge 2020, I think this was our highlight. We scored 15th position on Hotspot 1, scoring 8th on Hotspot 4, scoring 18th on Hotspot 5. We came out in almost every Hotspot race. Which is quite big because, every fancier knows that those competitive races aren’t easy. Its thousands and thousands of pigeons as it’s an international competition. Also Racing against competitive fanciers like Koopman who won 1st place in the Final Race. How long has he raced pigeons? How long did he have time to put his genes together? and everything else. It took him many years.    Also other many experienced fanciers who know pigeons at the back of their heads, who have worked with pigeons for many years. But we come out in almost every race, our birds were there. And in the Final, which was the hardest final race.    I visit Zimbabwe frequently and I can say the Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls Race is more difficult than the South African Million Dollar Race. Because as much as its hot in South Africa in January but Zimbabwe is hotter. It is the hardest race now here in Africa. Even in that hardest Final race. We were in the top 50. Winning the 45th place.    Everybody wants to win but, I believe in a vision. I believe one has to build the vision- build the loft, build the family of birds and your target. For me, winning the race isn’t enough. My aim is to be consistent. I want pigeons that’ll be consistent in one loft races. Birds that’ll win more often in prize money races and being consistent. Appearing more often in the top 50, 30, 20 etc. For me consistency is better than just one win. Because if birds are consistent in every race and come out in front, That’s the kind of genes I want to breed. Birds that always fly in front.  We have also done exceptionally well this year in club races. We were able to come in front and obtain some wins. Scooping good positions in the Fed. I am excited that Samuel lofts Pigeon Stud birds are coming together. We have worked very hard and met good fanciers and got a lot of encouragement. I’m a person who listens, pigeon sport is a complex sport but I was able to listen and I have now crafted my own program.    I believe in the future, Samuel Lofts birds will make a difference wherever they go. We already have results from some fanciers. Rudy Jaffa, from Cape Town and Anwar Taliep to name a few. They have won feds now and have been appearing in front in Feds through Samuel lofts birds.    I’m really excited. Thank you to all the fans who always send us good messages from all over the world even overseas. Thank you for your support and continue to support us. I hope the sport may grow.    Thank you Mr. Samuel - Samuel Lofts Pigeons Stud



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